Indag the Pioneer

Indag the Pioneer

Indag Rubber Ltd. This technology has been introduced in India, by the Khemka Group.¬†Indag’s state of the art manufacturing unit is established in Nalagarh Industrial Estate in Himachal Pradesh (65 km from Chandigarh Airport). It has a annual licensed capacity to manufacture 6000 tons of Procured Tread Rubber (PTR) along with allied items e.g. Unvulcanized Rubber Strip Gum (URSG), repair gum, envelopes, USC, other accessories and equipment for retreading for Indag’s customer.

The Indag complex also houses a modern Retreading- CumTraining center to impart high quality on-the-job training to its license customers.

Today Indag has a growing team of capable and experienced professionals in all functional areas of businessBased on our customer’s requirements, Indag’s tread patterns are designed for use in different types of applications. The tread rubber is made from superior raw materials and pressed at a very high pressure resulting in a product that gives high performance both in terms of mileage and tread life.

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