Our Vision

Indag Rubber
  • Vision
  • Mission

Our Mission is to be a market leader in every market served, by offering our customers clearly outstanding and unique products and services.
We are dedicated to improving quality, service and customer satisfaction.
We believe that continually improving the system of production and delivery of products and services will improve quality and reduce costs.
This ultimately will enhance our competitive position, resulting in outstanding long-term growth and profitability.

Indag Rubber programmes

1. Helps Indag Rubber to bring its vision to life.
2. Declares what the company stands for.
3. Builds trust and respect in Indag Rubber brands.
4. Establishes Corporate Social Responsibility at a high level.


1. Build loyalty and pride among customer and employees.
2. Enhance Indag Rubber’s reputation as a caring organization.
3. Make a real difference to human lives.

We are Socially Responsible

1. Running Sewing Training Centers
2. Computer Training Center
3. Beautician Course Center
4. Charity To School
5. Yoga Camp
6. Skill Development Program
7. Monthly Financial Help To Orphan Children’s

Core Purpose

1.Providing enriching retreading experiences
2. Increase market share and profit with service
3. Continuous improvement and change
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Research
6. Become market leader

Core Values

1. Excellence
2. Customer Satisfaction
3. Commitment
4. Social Responsiveness
5. Creativity
6. Openness and Diversity