Our History

About us

Indag Rubber Limited (IRL) was incorporated in July 1978 as a joint venture between Khemka group and M/S Bandag Incorporated, USA, one of the biggest players in the US retreading industry. The company was listed on the Bombay stock Exchange in 1984. In 2006, the above joint venture was terminated with Bandag’s 38.3% shareholding taken over by the Khemka Group The company manufactures precured tread rubber, un-vulcanized rubber strip gum, universal spray cement and tyre envelopes for the tyre retreading industry. Manufacturing plant is at Nalagarh (Himachal Pradesh) with a capacity of 13,800 MT for tread rubber, 1,800 MT for rubber strip gums and 300 KL for rubber cement. The company had one other plant at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), which is not working right now . Close to 90% of the company’s revenue is generated from the sale of precured tread. Indag Rubber is a family business with family values. Its customers are people who want to make a difference to the communities in which they operate and to the wider world community. This is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in action. Customer research is carried out to test customers’ views on the relationship and to find out how aware the general public is about what Indag Rubber is doing in the field of CSR.

What does Indag Rubber do?
Indag Rubber distributes a range of branded products. These products are sold to dealers in India. Our employees are highly motivated. They work within the guidelines of Indag Rubber’s Rules of Conduct and Code of Ethics, which are about being honest and responsible in manufacturing retread material. Product sell to people that they know or meet. They can introduce others about Indag Rubber product.

Our Location

  • Address: 11, Community Center, Saket New Delhi – 110017
  • Phone: 011 – 41671880
  • Email: info@indagrubber.com